The ClipGrip Vision

People Strive To Be Perfect.

Every day, from morning to night, people try to do the best: to be the best father, best husband, best student, best teacher, best girlfriend, best friend.

Sometimes, it's not so easy, sometimes we do not have enough energy to give our best performance and sometimes, we are not fresh enough to concentrate.

We were aware of the problem for long time, and we decided to invest all our energy to find a good solution. We realized that we first need to focus on providing Fresh Air to people, and by that, help people maximize their daily activities.

After months of research and hard work, On October 6th 2016, we firstly brought to you a ClipGrip product, it was our Clip On Fan, which was the first one to refresh thousands of people around the globe. Since then, we are launching a new ClipGrip product every few months.

It was amazingly satisfying to see that products we made, are helping people to stay fresh and improve their lives.

We made ClipGrip following one goal - Make You Stay Fresh, because we believed, and now we know it:

If You're Not Staying Fresh, You Can't Maximize Yourself.


The Entrepreneurs

ClipGrip cfir co-founder

Cfir Rahimi


Adir Mizrahi - ClipGrip entrepreneur

Adir Mizrahi