What Are The Things You Need To Consider Before Buying Clip On Fan?

Buy clip on fan

Clip on fans are the newest thing going on in accessories that’re meant to help beat the heat. These simple clip on fans are easy to attach to things like strollers, hats, backpacks, and more, and are great at keeping people cool during some of the hotter months. There are a few things to keep in mind for anyone who plans to don one of these clip on fans this summer and here are just a few of them that we plan to cover further in this article.


What should I consider before buying a clip on fan?


While they’re not exactly a fashion accessory that most are lining up to get their hands on, they are fairly useful. For this reason, many are stating that unless you’re a parent or aren’t worried about what others may think, this isn’t exactly an “in crowd” type of thing. Next, you should also understand that this is no way a substitution for other important things you should be doing on a hot day. For example, while you may feel the fan is keeping you cool, you still should make sure that you or if using for children, remain hydrated and keep on the lookout for signs and indicators of dehydration.


Other things to consider are making sure you understand that the fan in no way is meant to prevent heat stroke. With the summer season in full blow, you need to learn and be able to recognize the warning signs of heat stroke. As this device is also running on solar power, don’t expect to get much use out of it on other days. There is no battery pack that comes with this device and thus it only runs off of solar energy. If you think you’re going to be somewhere in which the weather is going to be over cast, windy, or just anything, but sunny, then I wouldn’t bother using this product. While it may run for a bit, once the sun is gone then you’ll have nothing left to power it.


This would also apply during days in which you’ll be outside on a sunny day. When attaching the clip on fan, you would want to make sure that it’s positioned in a place that is coming in direct contact with sunlight. While this may be difficult in certain instances, sunlight is a necessity and finding the right way to position it so the sun hits is important. Finally, one last thing to consider being purchasing the clip on fan is if it’s really going to be worth the ten dollars you’ll be spending to purchase one of these. If it’s nothing something you’re going to get a lot of use out of, or if you don’t believe you’ll be in a very sunny area where it can be used, then we suggest opting out of purchasing it. These fans are pretty neat over all, but only good in certain conditions and instances.

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