5 Things You Need To Know About Clip on Fan

The word is quclip on fanickly spreading about a new gadget called the clip on fan. While some have already gone out and purchased a few, others are just now starting to learn about them and the many benefits they’ve got to offer customers. Indeed, these clip on fans are a great way to beat the heat for any occasion outdoors and even offer a great sense of comfort indoors with their light weight and flexibility. There are five things you need to know about a clip on fan, and we’re here to fill you in.

What are the five things you need to know about clip on fans?

1. They can be solar powered: While they do rely on sunlight to charge them and make them useable, there is a small exception to this rule. An adapter can be used with the clip on fan and make it so that you may save the energy stored up by the solar power and instead rely on the adapter to run the solar fan.
2. They’re customizable: This is great news for people such as sports fans out there. With customizable colors for both the device and the fan blades, you can purchase on in your favorite color or simply show some support for your favorite sports team with representing their team colors.
3. They’re flexible to say the least: Due to the size and the clips that come on the fans, these babies are pretty adjustable in all senses of the word. For things like strollers, these can be adjusted so the child can’t reach them, but can still feel the cool air it has to offer. For sports and other outdoor activities, they can also be adjusted to still keep you cool, but without getting it the way of what you’re doing.
4. They can replace the need of using the air conditioner in your home or in your car. While keeping a vehicle on can waste gas, much the same is true for keeping the air conditioner on in your home; you can run up a high bill. However, with the clip on fan, you can solve both of these issues by staying cool and not wasting your valuable resources.
5. They’re extremely versatile: While we’ve seen them used in various places as far as clipping them on to strollers, clothing, belts, and even used on desks there are even more ways in which they can be used. We’ve come across some pictures that have even shown them to have accessories that make these clip on fans even greater. For example, some have gone as far as using the extended arm for the clip on fan to hold their smart phone to watch movies while in the car. This is great news for parents who have young children and find themselves lost with how to keep kids entertained during those long card rides. You can attach your phone to the clip and not only keep cool, but have something to hold your phone too.

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